„The smallest investment with the greatest return is kindness“

Klaus Gerresheim

Gerresheim serviert does not only consist of different teams from various sections (catering, Am Jachthafen, Schuppen 52) but also of many partners and hundreds of assistants who support us during the events.

We see ourselves as a team, that works focussed to meet external and internal customer requirements to the highest satisfaction. Our team consists of employees from different cultural, social and academical backgrounds with various special knowledge. Teamwork is a social competence. We try to build trust through honesty and transparency, encourage personal strengths and the ability to act on one’s own responsibility and to phrase goals together.

A variety of personalities, also in professional regard, leads to the fact that our employees complement but not equal each other. Regular feedback and the encouragement of personal development of our crew is a necessity for good cooperation. Every employee and assistant will be treated equally and respectfully. We are proud of the development of our team and a low fluctuation in all sectors.

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